Transnistria Walking Tour


Exploration of the famous unrecognised autonomous area in a safe and fun way by public transport and walking.


If you’re wondering how Transnistria may look like, how does one area still live like in the soviet union or what is it like to live in an unrecognised state with own currency and passport valid only inside, well… look no further!
This tour gives you the possibility to experience Transnistria with a moldovan local by using public transport and walking around.

The tour takes through Bender and it’s Fortress, straight into Tiraspol, it’s big square with monuments, the bank of the river Dniestr and straight into its core. For those itching to buy something we stop by at the Green Market. Around lunch we stop at a local restaurant.

This is a very flexible tour, so if you have any special desires, such as visiting the Kvint Brandy Distillery, visiting museums, Noul Neamt Monastery or other interests/ curiosities, we can organise it.

As well the timing and duration of the tour can be easily changed depending on your requests.

What’s included  in price:

  • Tour
  • Private guiding
  • Museum & Fortress entrance fee
  • Transport Fee

Not included in price:

  • Food

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