LaBREWtory Craft Beer

For those questioning whether local breweries in Moldova exist, the answer is yes! One of them is LaBREWtory, an american style brewing company which is actually co-founded by an interesting mix of people: 2 moldovans and 2 americans. Despite they turned only 1 year in february 2019 since their production began, their story starts way before that.

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In 2011 Bill and his wife DeEva came to Moldova for work, being sent by Bill’s company. After the 4 years the contract was up and they were faced with a choice to make, move back to US or somewhere else. In the end they decided to stay in Moldova and try make his dream come true – owning a brewery. This passion began in the 90’s when he was gifted a home brew kit by DeEva. In 2016 they set up the company along with 2 other moldovan beer craft enthusiasts, but only in winter 2017 they managed to start their beer production.


If you’re wondering what makes them special, well they are the first craft brewery to brew the new beer style Brut IPA and also a Cream Ale style in Moldova. Nowadays they produce around 4000 litres of beer a month, with a variety of tastes. Their beer malt is imported from Belgium, while the hops from Europe (such as Slovenia, UK and Germany), also from USA and New Zealand. The beer choice consists of 2 flagship ales, and then the special edition, rotational and seasonal ale depending on the available ingredients. Their rotational beer lasts around every 1-2 weeks (depending on the selling demand) and the seasonal can be somewhat “experimental” for some, such as the Christmas version which contained whole cranberries.


The main focus of LaBREWtory is the quality of their beer and the satisfaction of their customers. They do not export abroad, being concentrated just on their main market – Chișinău. Their most popular place is actually at their brewery, where the production takes place. Besides the tanks where all the magic happens, they have also set up an area for entertainment where locals can enjoy their beer. As they believe that beer is for community, they also allow people to bring in their own food and during the warmer seasons to make BBQ’s outside. Buying beer by litres is also possible and for those that fall in love with it, they also have a branded glass for sale as souvenir.


Other services they offer are a free tours available in english, romanian and russian language on most of their working days. The tour includes a view of their production, loads of information and a small taster of their beers. Booking upfront is not a pre-requisite, but it is useful to give a call (or a message), especially for bigger groups of people so that they are prepared and have enough time to answer all your questions. For those that like their atmosphere, they also rent the space for various events and parties.

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Visiting the brewery is easy, especially by public transport from the city centre with the trolleybus nr.5 stopping nearby.

For more information, a list of locations where you can find their beer and booking a tour you can make through the following links:

Website / Facebook/ Instagram

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