10 Must See! wineries of Moldova


Since 1994 Asconi winery has been impressing everyone with it’s quality and the currently owned 400 hectares of vineyards. Situated only 40km from Chisinau, they cultivate Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet – Sauvignon and Muscat Ottonel. Besides their wines, they offer the opportunity to discover how their wine is made by providing tours which start with the visit of the vineyards, following the process of wine making and ending with wine tasting accompanied by traditional moldovan food.



The oldest winery of Moldova founded in 1827 is situated 120 kms from Chisinau in one of the best regions of the country, closest to The Black Sea where the land is most fertile and full of nutrients. Purcari is mostly known for it’s red wines and especially the Negru de Purcari and Rosu de Purcari. A visit to the winery offers you tours with guides, wine tasting, restaurant which offers moldovan and french cuisine, a shop to buy their fine wines and even hotel service – 8 rooms for those interested to spend overnight.

Mimi Castle

The one and only castle of Moldova built by the last governor of Moldova has opened it’s doors again after the reconstruction. Not only it’s a castle, but it’s a local winery too! A variety of wines are open to be discovered in their tours which are still made after the old technique of the governor. Booking required for their tours.



The most famous winery of Moldova and considered a national treasure, is the second largest winery of the country. It has over 120 km’s of tunnels where different kinds of fine wines and collections are being kept – over 1 million wine bottles. From moldovan, french, spanish up to private collections of Vladimir Putin and the nazist General Goring. The oldest being a Easter Jewish wine from 1902. Visiting Cricova is very easy as they are only 12kms away from the capital. An upfront booking is required for their tours and wine tasting.

Chateau Vartely

45 km’s away from Chisinau can be found the Chateau Vartely winery which is famous for it’s catering services besides their wines. They offer their venue for private parties, weddings and have more than 8 rooms for overnight stay. In order to visit their winery, a booking is required. Upon request they offer guided tours to their vineyards too. As well for those that don’t understand much in wine, you can participate in their wine masterclasses. This is the perfect destination to enjoy a relaxed time in nature.

Milestii Mici

The largest winery of Moldova boasting with 200 km’s of underground tunnels, is included in the World Guiness Book for it’s massive wine collection of over 2 million bottles. Visiting Milestii Mici requires a car and a tour booking. Different packages can be found on their website which offer from just the general tour of the winery, food included up to VIP service and degustation of the finest and oldest wines.

Et cetera

The newest winery of Moldova which is family owned by two brothers, is situated 130 km’s away from Chisinau and 10 km’s further from Purcari. This is the perfect place to visit if you’re interested to see a winery on the low scale of production, as they bottle up to 10.000 bottles of each type of wine per year. Their collections vary from Traminer, Chardonnay up to the Negro Amaro, Petit Verdot and Saperavi. Their services include a guided tour which shows the whole process of the production and includes wine tasting in their winery or vineyards. For extra charge, delicious traditional food can be served.

Cellars of Branesti


Close to Old Orhei settlement, 55 km’s away from Chisinau in the beautiful forests can be found the cellars of Branesti. 60 metres under and 50 km’s of tunnels of this winery are actually one of the less known and visited of Moldova. They contain 2 rooms for wine tasting which offer from traditional up to collection wines, as well as sparkling wine. Upfront booking required for their tours. Lunch can be included in the package.

Chateau Cojusna

15 km’s away from Chisinau in a medieval style themed room you can try out the less known Chateau Cojusna wines. Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir are one of their well known types. Besides wine, they make great cognac too. To try out their collections you need to book upfront. Lunch can be included upon request.



If you’re visiting Transnistria (yes that little autonomous area in Moldova), make sure to stop at the Kvint distillery in Tiraspol. Originally produced only vodka, but from 1938 it started producing Brandy and later on wine. Nowadays it is known for its high quality products produced by the traditional french method. The distillery offers tasting, tours and a shop to buy some of their treasures. Situated 78 km’s from Chisinau.


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